Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok. Starting from tmorrow, no more laziness. Hate it. Aku benci bile diri aku malas. I wish i could put 101% of my bez in dis final exam. So scared la. U knoe, ow it feels wen ur chest empty wif ilmu but full of joy?? Pergh! Like i'll be drag myself to the hell yeah (cm tjuk citer pn ade).
Sob. Sob. Really need a catalyst.

Since dis is my last sem n also last month before exm, i need to push myself. Even quite late n harder, at least i do sometink. Stay up! Yes! Mate aku skank da nk trtutup, but i have to bukak die luas2.

Who can give me some pencungkil gigi? Nk letak kt mate. Bgi bkak luas2. Tq!


misz benida said...

aku xde pncungkil gg..
pengorek tanag ade la..
mau pnjam???

shima said...

pengorek tanah watpe benida? xkn nk jdi undertaker kot.hehe..